Friday, November 14, 2008

Work at home and earn good money

Work at home has become a very popular concept almost lots of people across the globe. Gone are those days when you had to toil hard to reach your office and work for fixed hours on a regular basis. By working from home, you can enjoy lots of benefits such as comfort, time flexibility, and lots more. There are lots of jobs which offer work at home options and you can easily opt for some to get good money by working from the comforts of your home.
Work at Home Advantages
Work at home option can prove to be pretty advantageous. It can be perfect for those who do not want to be under the regular time frame of work. Because of the flexibility of timing, work from home jobs are ideal for students, home makers, retired professionals and aged people. For instance, if you are a student, who is studying, you can easily earn good money by working from home as per your preferred timings.

Compared to other types of conventional jobs or business, work from home also does not have have stiff target and heavy work pressure. Based on the type of job that you are doing, you can easily adjust your timings.

Popular Work at Home Jobs
With the advent of internet today, more and more work at home jobs are coming up.  For example if you are good at writing, you can easily work as a home based freelance web content writer and earn good money. You will be given blogs, web site articles and other related things for writing on different subjects. The payment is done on the amount of words that you are  writing.

Other home based job options that you can get in the internet are working as SEO and SEM professional, web designer, web developer, programmer, graphic designer, and so on. In all these job options, the pay package is pretty high and you can easily earn well, without harming or sacrificing your other commitments. Moreover, it will also add to your level of skills and qualities.

Work at Home Business
You can start a work at home business and earn good profits and revenue. All you need is proper business plannings, initiatives and framing the promotional strategies well. There are lots of home based businesses that are available today and they offer lucrative returns.

The main advantages of starting work at home business is that they allow you to maintain the flexibility of timing. There is no fixed target or work schedules that you need to fulfill. The client supplies you with work and you can easily fix the timings and adjust it accordingly for meeting the target.

Types of Work at Home Business
You can choose from quite a few work at home business as per your preferences. Most of them are web based and offer you the scope to earn good amount of money. Some of the well known types of businesses that you can opt for include:
  1. Web designing business
  2. Web development business
  3. Affiliate marketing business
  4. SEO and SEM application business
  5. Software development and programming business

Starting a New Internet Business Step by Step

With the overall economy in trouble, you could possibly have found yourself getting your hours slashed at the job, being laid off or not able to locate work. This usually means you have a great deal of stress in your life since of life's responsibilities, bills, and possibly children to support. This also may be a concern for students graduating from college that might be not able to discover a job and have student loans to pay.

Have you searched on the web for online business options and felt confused? One method advised could be to produce your very own ebook. This is a very good concept but it promptly can produce complications.

You might not grasp what exactly to write about or enjoy writing to start with. If you happen to be a great writer, you might still be troubled by the thought of how to produce the ebook itself from the information you've gathered. Then there is the problem of setting up a website.

To begin with, all this is usually broken down into basic steps. You possibly can decide to write your own ebook, but you may desire to begin at first with getting ebooks with resale rights or private label rights which you'll be able to promote as your very own and keep all the profit.

The reason why this is appealing is that you won't just get the pdf or document files, but you additionally will be often offered a sales page as well as cute little ebook image icons to place on your ad or site.

However you are likely thinking that you have no idea of the best way to build a web page. One quick way around this might be to use classified ad websites. There are quite a few on the internet and you possibly can uncover several big ones that have no charge at all. In addition to making use of online classified advertising, you possibly can also use newspaper ads inside your community or free newspapers.

The next hurdle might be about ways to set up a web site in case you don't want to get phone calls or emails. This can be very easy to do working with web sites such as Blogger which are both free and need no understanding of html coding. To get paid you are able to position a Pay Pal link on the website or for those who prefer, ask people to mail a check or money order.

For getting targeted traffic to your site, there are numerous no cost techniques including referfing to it on your own Facebook site, submitting to social bookmarking web sites, and writing and submitting articles.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Internet di pelosok Indonesia

Internet saat ini telah tumbuh dengan sangat pesat. Di kampus, di warnet di ramaikan dengan berbagai kalangan untuk berkutat di dunia maya ini.... Bahkan di warung bubur kacang ijo saat ini sudah tersedia fasilitas "wi-fi" yang memudahkan seseorang untuk koneksi internet, dengan syarat laptop yang di miliki tersedia "wi-fi".
Namun beda dengan pelosok-pelosok indonesia seperti papua. Internet di papua saat ini masih sangat jarang di temui. Warnet pun jarang di temui, kalaupun ada tarif yang di tawarkannya relatif mahal. Tarif perjamnya ada yang 8 hingga 10 ribu. Beda dengan di pulau jawa yang perjamnya hanya 3 ribu rupiah perjamnya. Perbedaan yang sangat jauh bukan?
Saat ini di papua baru di sibukkan dengan adanya internet.. Ibaratnya internet di sana adalah suatu kegiatan baru yang tidak bisa di tinggalkan.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Google Wants To Help You Succeed

ll too often, we see Google pictured as the "evil" company who’s just out to get you, and to make your life miserable.

While at times it might seem that way, it's just not true.

No… Google is not going to come banging on your door to sit down next to you and help you design your website, but they do provide a wealth of traffic assistance for the webmaster who’s willing to look for it.

Take the Google sitemaps program for example.

Google wants to know about ALL your pages. When you consider the billions of webpages that are on the Internet now, that’s a daunting task. The way that they discover YOUR pages is by "spidering" your website. This is also called crawling. This is done through automated robots that will look through your website and follow the links to discover other pages. When it does, it puts those pages into a database, which they will use to ultimately decide which page will get listed and which one doesn’t.

If you make this process easy for them, they can reward you with much faster spidering of your website. This is especially advantageous if you have a large website.

Google has a program called their "sitemaps" program. What you do is place a specially formatted XML file on your computer that includes links to all of your web pages, and other information related to your website, such as how often you update your website and so on.

We’ve found that compiling the datafeed the way Google requires it can be a little bit intimidating.

There are programs available that will help you to do that.

When you’re building a website, it’s very easy to make a mistake in a link, especially when building a large site. This can be disastrous when Google comes around to view your website and it can hurt you tremendously. The better programs not only spider the site as Google would and builds your Google sitemap.xml file automatically, but if it encounters errors, it gives you an error log so that you can correct the errors BEFORE you submit your sitemap to Google.

This is VERY important. If Google tries to spider a site that has bad or missing links in it, then your chances of being listed in their search engine are VERY slim.

Google’s official website on this subject is at this URL: you’ll find a good explanation of their sitemap program.

Google sitemaps should be a part of every webmaster’s website submission plan. It does not necessarily help with your search engine positioning or ranking, but it will help you to get all your pages spidered quickly, which is the first step to getting your pages listed in the search engines.

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Getting Started With Adsense

A very important element in the rapid adoption of AdSense is that it has been very easy for publishers to get the ads on their site as quickly as possible.
Integrating AdSense in your website takes only a few minutes, and you can be on your way with one or more nicely integrated AdSense ads.
The first thing you need to do is navigate to and either apply or log in with your existing account and password. What follows is a page presenting the Google AdSense Terms and Conditions which you must agree to in order to proceed.
You are presented with a report page which you can use to get a detailed status on how your AdSense advertising is doing. This allows you to improve your site's contents and layout to maximize your AdSense earnings.
On the top of your page you also have link to the setup section where you can generate the code that will need to be pasted on your website in order to have AdSense banners on your page.
You can use AdSense for text (the said ads), using a search box or with referrals. Your choice among these options depends on how users will navigate your site.
Finally, there is a "My Account" tab which allows you to set up details concerning your account, payment and tax information.
To add a text ad on your site, go back to the "AdSense Setup" tab and click the "AdSense for content" link. Make sure you have cookies enabled in your browser.
You can make a choice between ad units and link units. The former contain text and or images concerning a certain site for each unit, most with a detailed description, the latter only contain links to certain types.
Of course, it's a bit hard to know which type you should use so you should probably experiment with both for a while before you decide.
You can also view an example of how the unit will look to the right of your page. However, you may only use three ad units and one link unit on any given page. This is believed to be a step which Google takes for quality control.
The next step is to choose your add format and colors. You can basically select any color palette you choose with Google offering some of its own if you don't have the time or skill to create one. You can constantly view how the palette will look through the aid of an example. The one that works best in terms of appearance and revenues will vary with the look, feel and content of a website.
However, your ad formats are limited to a choice of eleven formats. There's an "Ad Formats" link which takes you to a page that lets you see all even of these in action so you can decide best which one suits your site. Sometimes the most intrusive, doesn’t work best however again, this can vary from website to website.
After you finish with customization, you can click "Continue" from the bottom of the page.
You are now presented with a section entitled "AdSense for Content". You can click anywhere in the text and that shows the JavaScript required to get AdSense running. This will automatically select the text in the box.
You can then copy it and paste it into your pages directly. If you use dynamic pages, you should paste this code within your template so as to ensure that it gets displayed on any page of your website. Some advertisers choose not to display Adsense on every page, and this is understandable. An example of this is a company that has adsense, may also have terms and condition which would inevitably provide legal resources which would probably be deemed inappropriate.
What is then left for you to do is get content on your page (provided you didn't have any already). Google AdSense crawlers will soon visit your site, making sure that the ads displayed are relevant to your site's content.
And you're all done. For a simple page this should indeed be a matter of a few minutes, which is precisely what makes AdSense the choice for so many. Although it is quick, its mass appeal also makes it the best. Through being the most popular, advertisers and publishers alike see Adsense and Adwords as their natural first choice.

Mengenal lebih Jauh "server INS001"

Haiii.... para penjelajah dunia maya yang ngunjungin blog ini... Thanks banget udah mau sempet-sempetin berkunjung ke blog ini.
Kali ini kita bakal ngebahas sebuah fenomena yang udah gak asing lagi di kalangan anak-anak fakultas IT Universitas Al-Zaytun. Apalagi kalo bukan "server INS001". So pasti.. nama yang satu ini udah mendarah daging ama anak-anak fakultas IT (pastinya....). Gimana gak????...... Setiap ada kuliah di Lab AGICT (nama lab computer fakultas IT) server INS001 selalu di kumandangin! Biasa di pake buat nge-upload tugas... Ngambil bahan tugas..
Selain itu Server INS001 juga biasa di pake untuk mengontrol semua komputer pada jaringan komputer AGICT. Server INS001 juga biasa di gunakan oleh para dosen, untuk memantau para mahasiswa-mahasiswa yang curang waktu ujian tengah semester (UTS) atau ujian akhir semester (UAS) jadi gak ada mahasiswa/mahasiswi yang berani nyontek, atau kerja sama. Soalnya pasti ketahuan ama pengawas ujian. So, server INS001 ini sangat berpengaruh terhadap jalannya proses perkuliahan di fakultas IT Universitas Al-Zaytun. Ibaratnya, gak ada server INS001 gak idup deh lab AGICT. Bagaikan bunga tanpa pot! halaaahhh!!!
Dan masih banyak lagi kemampuan dari server INS001 ini.
Masih penasaran dengan server INS001????
Silakan berkunjung ke lab AGICT universitas Al-Zaytun.
Anda akan menemukan semua fenomena server INS001 di sana!