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I'm Web Designer, Graphic Designer and Internet Marketer. | Founder and CEO, Web Design Jakarta. Jakarta, Indonesia

Someone who always wanted to give the best to the people around him. Always wanted to be the best of the best. For him there was nothing really great except god. Someone who was born in Sorong, Papua, 13-Sep-1989. When he attended elementary school in Papua is the elementary school name Yapis Al-Jihad. When he graduated elementary school he chose to continue his studies in southeast Asia's biggest Islamic School ie Ma'had Al-Zaytun. Armand was recorded as a pupil in class 3 which at that time students who entered more than three thousand students. Armand spent the First Senior High School and his high school in the Ma'had Al-Zaytun. When he graduated from Al-Zaytun Ma'had he returned to continue his studies at Al-Zaytun.

He started carrying at the University of Al-Zaytun Indonesia since 2007. At the university Armand takes the Faculty of Information Teknoogi with Information Systems study program. Hobby is now always in tekuninya of college yaiut Web Design. Matters relating to the web is always interesting to be involved in it.

The year 2010 became a difficult thing for him. University which he occupied to study threatened the cap because it does not have permission to stand. Finally, he chose to move to one of the Islamic University in Jakarta. To date he registered as a student in one of the Islamic University in Jakarta. He hopes to soon complete his studies at the new campus.Apart from a sister college of the oldest of four children also have hobby playing badminton, playing football, playing basketball and others. A really like the same health, because her health is very important.

Blogging is an activity that has been digelutinya since 2008. He intends to earn a lot of blogs and now it will soon be realized!Armand Want to know more? Add him on facebook