Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wireless Internet Options for New Businesses

Starting a business is one of the most intimidating things imaginable. You'll have to expose yourself to considerable financial and personal risk, of course, and you'll have to accept the fact that you may lose money. You'll quickly learn that you can save money by using technology as intelligently as possible. No technology will, by itself, make your business succeed or fail. You can, however, make sure that you're using it to its maximum possible level of effectiveness and not paying for technologies you do not need.
If you're getting set up, you'll need broadband Internet access. Today, there are far better options than just getting a standard connection from a telephone or a cable television company. You can get Internet connectivity that is actually completely wireless. This is not wireless Internet service in the sense with which you're probably familiar. Wi-Fi is the term for the short-range connections that are provided in many offices. The type of wireless being discussed here is very long-range. It can cover an entire city, in fact. This service is delivered at broadband speeds and, if your freedom is part of the reason you're going into business for yourself, it's a good option to explore.
4G wireless broadband is the latest in ISP technology. Instead of just wirelessly redistributing a DSL or cable connection, this service actually offers a complete wireless solution in and of itself. The technology can cover a very broad area and it's secure. It works with a modem that attaches to your computer and which provides you with access to the network. The speeds it offers are very fast and are on par with other broadband solutions. It also has the capability to cover your telecom needs at very affordable prices.
The 4G wireless technology available today can be integrated with voice over IP technology. VoIP technology provides a viable alternative to expensive office telephone systems. Of course, you can take your office phone with you wherever you go, as well. Instead of giving every client your cell phone number, which can result in innumerable hassles, you can simply give them your office number and, wherever you are, you can answer or return calls to and from that number. This is a money-saving solution for any new business, as telecom companies tend to be among the most expensive of all contractors, especially where new systems are concerned.
If your business is one that employs other workers, this technology is even more useful. You can offer the 4G connection to your employees and allow them to work from their homes or anywhere else. This allows you to avoid spending the considerable amounts of money required for an office. With more and more desirable employees demanding the option to telecommute, you can avail yourself of the best possible people to help your business grow. You can also make sure that you're on the cutting edge, but not so deeply invested in it that you buy technology that you don't use.


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