Saturday, December 11, 2010

Flash in your Website

There are quite a few website on the World Wide Web where the website designers have used Macromedia Flash in the website design. Some of these websites use the flash very skilfully and this flash really adds value in the website design.

It is very important that you as a user understand the value of flash before you get into negotiations with your website designer to get website developed for your business. The reason I suggest that you consider it before-hand as including flash in your web design Canberra Australia is an un-necessary expense if it doesn’t add any value to your website. Flash on your website means more dollars for your website designers.

There are various ways in which Flash can be used on your website, some of the most common reasons are:
  1. A Flash Banner: This banner allows you to highlight your products and services as an animation or slide-show. A flash banner (without music) is a good way to showcase your business products and services. As they say a picture is worth thousand words and you can easily showcase your products on the website.
  2. A Flash Menu: A Flash menu replaces your text links and also your image links. A Flash menu in your website design allows you to put in minor and attractive graphics without making your website too heavy.
  3. A Flash Video/Audio: If you don’t have access to the streaming server, A flash video or audio is the best way to preserve your copyright and stop your competitors from copying your multimedia content.
  4. A Flash Presentation: Many people use PowerPoint to post their presentations. I say that Flash is probably a better option. It is always lighter than PowerPoint, works on any platform and is a very good way to protect your content.
Apart form the above you can have your website designed completely in Flash. But, my opinion is that if you are not a music company than this probably is a total waste of money.

In conclusion, I would suggest that whenever you consider putting up new flash in your website design, make sure that its for all the right reasons (and because someone else is also using it is not a valid reason in my opinion). You should always consider if it adds any value for your business and if it does, that’s when you should consider using it.

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