Saturday, December 11, 2010

Text From Pc to Cell Phone

Text from PC to Cell Phone

Believe it or not, the best way of sending those cheeky as well as important SMS is not through your cell phone. Surprised? But moreover you think about it, you will definitely be even more surprised to know that not only it is easy and secure but sending SMS through your PC is completely free as well. No this no kind of a joke or grey offer with some catches. Using your PC for sending the SMS is altogether a new way of using this service. And people who have used it can vouch for the complete clarity of the service that is offered by the website, like Not only sending SMS is free but the whole process turns out to be more easier than using the small keypad of your cell phone. Lets learn more about sending text from PC to cell phone.

The online texting or sending SMS online is a new and exciting way that is fast catching up. Better seen as a need rather than a leisure activity online texting is the easiest way of staying connected with those you always wanted to. You can send as many SMS or texts online as there is no limit defined by the website. The whole process is very easy and can be used by a general user with basic knowledge of computers and Internet. Sending texts online saves time and compared to your cell phone billing plan is absolutely free of cost.

To start with sending online texts to any subscriber across the United States you have to visit the aforesaid URL and follow some really simple steps mentioned therein. The first step starts with entering receiver’s cell phone number in the mentioned field. Do not to use dashes or other characters other than the number. The second step allows you to enter the subject of the message you want to send. It is useful in identifying the content of the message. Finally you can enter your message that should be not more than 140 words, so enter precise message and continue to the last step. The last step is to choose the receivers cellular service provider from the given options and then click on the send text message button to send the message.

Not only this service is 100% free but the service providers also ensure that you get the service to every region of the United States and that is why almost every cellular service provider is listed on the website. It is also taken care that the receiver never receives spam message or advertisement on the given number. So the next time you use online text services be certain that your message will be delivered in no time and as guaranteed absolutely free. Play pranks with your friends because with the anonymous text messaging, which means your friends will never know who sent them the text message! So enjoy sending those absolutely free texts online using the free online SMS service and bring a smile on many faces.


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