Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Last Traffic Secret by Kelvin Houghton

So The Last Traffic Secret has launched, and the creator Kelvin Houghton is making some pretty big claims.. Today we look at this newly launched marketing course and find out whether the hype owns up to the results..
So what is The Last Traffic Secret?
This course is going to be a hit, I can already tell from the stir it's causing throughout the marketing community. But why? Well for one, I think the fact that a single guy from the UK is driving over a million visitors to his website within days.. is enough to make a few heads turn, including mine.
From the research I've gathered, it seems to be true. This one affiliate marketer is literally murdering the competition while bringing in millions of dollars in sales, and from a traffic source yet to be discovered my the public, heck, I didn't even know about this one.
Why is This "Secret" So Valuable?
Well, I got any early copy of The Last Traffic Secret and honestly, I was taken back by the sheer amount of information and "out of the box" methods this guy is using. At first I had to ask myself, can this really be done? The traffic this dude is driving to his affiliate sites is so massive, it makes normal marketers like me look like little girls.. But, now I can say I know something many others DONT know. And I'm on my way to implementing this method on my sites right now.
I can definitely see the potential to make huge commissions using this system. Ive been in the game for 8 years, and when it comes to getting traffic, I use every single method I have to my disposal. Whether it be social media sites, blogs, articles, or any other medium that brings in a visitor, you can bet I'm using it. But this.. Even I didnt know about this.
The Verdict
I've been marketing on the Internet for quite sometime now, and if there is a method or system I find particularly special, then I'll let readers know. It's not a secret that for anyone to have a successful online presence, your going to need traffic. And this can mean years of study for some people before getting it right. I had my struggles in the beginning, but I think in today's online world, there are so many outlets to get your message out there, that the amount of time and work put into it has been greatly lowered.
Still, you need a place to start. I know many seasoned marketers who are struggling with the issue of getting solid traffic to this day. Google is ever-changing in it's way of ranking websites, and the competition out there isn't getting any smaller.. So if it were up to me, then I would have definitely jumped at an ebook like this back when I first started.
I know the methods and I've seen what a good amount of traffic can bring, my only hope is that as a marketer, you can afford to get a hold of this information while it's still here. Risk is a big part of this game, thankfully this course will minimize at least some of it for you.
I'm going to be Blunt.. If your sitting here reading this, chances are your not getting jack when it comes to good traffic. Sadly, the majority of website owners out there will continue sitting at the computer, banging their heads and cowering in a corner somewhere, because the thought of pulling in traffic is so devistating and frightful.. DONT BE THAT PERSON.
I've seen it too many times. Take the opportunity here and learn what you may be doing wrong, and from someone mastered in the area already.

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